Airbrush Technique Magazine†† This is an excellent How-To magazine with NO advertisements to speak of.. It is published every 2 months and worth every penny.


Airbrush Artist Magazine†† This is an Online How-To magazine that give you access to all article since itís inception several years ago.Included are videos that show you how to do some of the basics.The information contained in this magazine is an extremely invaluable†† resource for any beginneras well as advance airbrush artist.


Airbrush Technique forum main pageThis is the main page to the forum site that is an interactive supporting entity of the above magazines.Without the above magazines and the support of the artists on the forum site, I would never have learned to airbrush.


Dixie Art†† Dixie art is an online art supply store located in New Orleans, LA.There building survived the hurricane and they are back online but in limited functionality.They normally have the best prices on everything they sell.Please consider your next purchase from Dixie, and help them get back in full swing!


These are some of the artists that have inspired me, and guided me, in the use of the airbrush.

Kimmo Jurvanen

Patrick Charuel

Kevin Mayes


Sly Kristicevid


My favorite Music: 

If you like Old Genesis music from the Peter Gabriel era and shortly there after, you have to check out

this band I stumbled on to Trespass   and now help out in any way I can!


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